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Seniors Erase Day 1 Deficit, Retain Under Armour Vegas Cup with a 25.5 - 22.5 Victory Over Juniors

Trailing by 2 points entering the Day 2 Individual Matches, the Senior Team used big days by Jon Spatz (Wynn) and Tom Fischer (Paiute) to earn a hard fought 25.5 - 22.5 victory over the Junior Team at the 2021 Under Armour Vegas Cup earlier today at Coyote Springs Golf Club.

The Vegas Cup uses a 'Ryder Cup' style format, with 3 points available for each match (Front 9, Back 9, Full 18).  

Spatz and Fischer earned all three points in their respective matches, powering the Senior Team to a 14.5 - 9.5 edge in today's Individual Matches.  The pivotal match of the day turned out to be Match #2, as Dan Hammell (TPC Las Vegas) battled back from an early deficit to flip his match vs. Tyler Martin (The Legacy Golf Club) to earn 2 points for the Senior Team.

Fischer paced the Senior Team over the 2 days, sweeping 2 of his three sessions to earn 7 points out of a possible 9.  Tim Bauman (PGA Life Member) and Tim Peterson (Southern Highlands) led the Junior Team, claiming 7.5 points each of a possible 9 in their matches.

The Chapter would like to thank Under Armour for once again sponsoring this year's event, as well as Karl Larcom and the entire team @ Coyote Springs Golf Club for again agreeing to be our host venue!  

We would also like to recognize Tom Fischer (Seniors) and Tyler Martin (Juniors) for serving as Team Captains and helping put together this year's event.

Results from today's individual matches are as follows:
Day 2 Individual Matches (Seniors 14.5 Points, Juniors 9.5 Points):
Match #1: Juniors/Kristen Allard (Bear's Best), 3 points vs. Seniors/Tom Sweeney (SouthShore), 0 points.
Match #2: Juniors/Tyler Martin (Legacy), 1 point vs. Seniors/Dan Hammell (TPC Las Vegas), 2 points.
Match #3: Juniors/Karl Larcom (Coyote Springs), 0 points vs. Seniors/Jon Spatz (Wynn), 3 points.
Match #4: Juniors/Tim Peterson (Southern Highlands), 2 points vs. Seniors/Dave Barnhart (Life Member), 1 point.
Match #5: Juniors/Matt Henderson (TPC Las Vegas), 1 point vs. Seniors/Wes Weston (Life Member), 2 points.
Match #6: Juniors/Tim Bauman (Life Member), 2 points vs. Seniors/Jason Edmiston (Life Member), 1 point.
Match #7: Juniors/Collins Tamashiro (Red Rock) 0 points vs. Seniors/Tom Fischer (Paiute), 3 points.
Match #8: Juniors/Erik Matthewson (Shadow Creek), .5 points vs. Seniors/Kim Dolan (Siena), 2.5 points.

Results from the Day 1 Team Matches are as follows:
Day 1 Team Match Results:
Morning Alternate Shot (Seniors 7.5 Points, Juniors 4.5 Points)
Match #1: Seniors/Sweeney & Scot Grimes (Corporate Concepts), 1.5 Points vs. Juniors/Martin & Allard, 1.5 Points.
Match #2: Seniors/Edmiston & Barnhart, 3 Points vs. Juniors/Matthewson & Henderson, 0 Points.
Match #3: Seniors/Fischer & Dolan, 3 Points vs. Juniors/Tamashiro & Larcom, 0 Points.
Match #4: Seniors/Spatz & Hammell, 0 Points vs. Juniors/Bauman & Peterson, 3 Points.
Afternoon Best Ball (Juniors 8.5 Points, Seniors 3.5 Points)
Match #5: Seniors/Sweeney & Grimes, 2 Points vs. Juniors/Larcom & Tamashiro, 1 Point.
Match #6: Seniors/Spatz & Hammell, 0 Points vs. Juniors/Matthewson & Henderson, 3 Points.
Match #7: Seniors/Edmiston & Barnhart, .5 Points vs. Juniors/Bauman & Peterson, 2.5 Points.
Match #8: Seniors/Fischer & Dolan, 1 Point vs. Juniors/Martin & Allard, 2 Points.

Final Score: Seniors 25.5 Points, Juniors 22.5 Points

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