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ForeFun Sponsors Southwest PGA Annual Meeting and Arizona Open

ForeFun LLC partnered with the Southwest PGA because they recognized what a footprint they could leave in this market. With hundreds of great courses throughout Arizona and Southern Nevada it was a no-brainer to support the PGA professionals and apprentices who can help market products to their group of core golfers.

Their product of choice in the stellar lineup is the Salted Nut Roll. It is a blast from the past rebranded to fit the everyday golf nut. A delicious snack that will cure the craving and leave your golfers feeling satisfied from the start.

ForeFun is a company all about making golf more fun, FORE everyone! All of the golf industry reports say that people aren’t playing as much golf today because they are not having enough fun.

Their goals are to bring new and fun products to the golf industry through direct distribution to golf courses, golf shops, golf tournaments and golfers. These products/services are either created by ForeFun or through partnerships with other companies looking to get into the golf market. The goal of these products/services are to enhance the on-course experience you have during a round.

Wholesale Website
ForeFun’s Distribution website for wholesale purchasers is Any retailer can purchase Fore Fun items by simply creating an account on and using the shopping cart.


B.J. Viau (View) – Owner
B.J. is your stereotypical golf addict who wants to retire early and play golf every day at a country club that has great snacks in the clubhouse. He believes that the growth of Fore Fun will happen by making the game of golf more fun fore everyone – so BJ’s passion is to help you! He loves throwing around ideas and would love to hear from you if you have any golf related activity you think is fun –

B.J. is the Chairman for the Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization (HDYO) an international nonprofit that supports young people impacted by Huntington’s Disease. Check out the cause at

Favorite Course: The Boulders – Scottsdale, AZ
Handicap: Fluctuates between a 7-11 yearly.

Jeremy Imker – Owner
20 years ago, Jer’s golf love affair began with a hand-me-down set of clubs. As he grew out of that set, he scoured garage sales and borrowed clubs to keep hacking. In college, he played Fox Hollow Golf Course, where he paid $300 for a summer membership. It was there, he hooked another golfer for life: his future wife, Tricia. He has loved playing the last 20 years and can’t wait to share and influence others (like his wife) to have fun on the course!

Jer knows every game in and out for the course. Do YOU need a perfect game fore your group? If so, shoot him an email for a recommendation:

Favorite Course: The Wilderness at Fortune Bay. Lake Vermillion, MN
Handicap: 6 (it was a 11.5 in 2012)

Let’s make sure the game of golf is MORE FUN. If you need to add some great products to your facility call ForeFun LLC and support a Southwest PGA sponsor - 952-270-5428.

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